Losan 100% Acoustic

Losan acoustic panels have been specially developed for contractors & installers.

The range is designed to reduce noise in all kinds of applications e.g. in offices, the leisure & hotels industries.

Losan 100 % Acoustic is a tailor made program that provides solutions to all your acoustic requirements.

Available cores : MDF (FR. MR, NAF)

Birsch plywood

All other cores on request

Available real wood veneers : Oak, Ash, Birch, Walnut.

We have access to more than 150 different species of wood.

Sheet size:         3050/2440 x 1220 mm,   2400 x 1200 mm,   2500 x 1250 mm

Cut to size on request.

Losán Micro Perforated Panels

Achieve sound absorption without losing the beautiful look of the real wood veneers.

Losán Micro Perforated Panels are specially made for architects and designers, who are looking for acoustic solutions without disturbing the beauty of the real wood veneers.

The appearance of Losán Micro Perforated Panels is the solution for many purposes like: Public buildings, schools, hotels, shops etc.

Silence never looked so beautiful. From some meters distance the micro perforated panels will look like a normal veneered panel, but absorbing the sound and keeping the beautiful look.

Our standard program is White Oak; Oak Tex Top®; Smoked Eucalyptus and Birch Rotary Cut*

Size: 3050×1220 mm

(*Birch Rotary Cut 2500×1240 mm)

Thickness: 16 mm

On request we can offer you more than 150 different wood species and other thicknesses.